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Healthy Lifestyle Factors

Healthy Lifestyle Factors - food pyramidWhat are the factors for a healthy lifestyle? There seem to be some things that can be ruled out straight away - smoking, excessive alcohol intake, drug abuse, over-eating. The first three are all narcotics and all four could be just bad habits. So, if you remove those negatives what are you left with? What are the positive factors for a healthy lifestyle?

It seems pretty certain that a major healthy lifestyle factor is what goes into our body. You need to avoid the bad stuff and replace it with good stuff.

Healthy Lifestyle Factors - orangesYou need to improve your input in a positive way rather than a haphazard way. Eat a varied diet of fresh food, say the experts. In today’s busy world with the abundance of prepared meals, that’s not always easy. To compensate, many people choose to supplement their diets with vitamins. But which vitamins are essential healthy lifestyle factors?

It can be confusing. Everybody knows that vitamin C is important and prevents scurvy, but some experts would rather take vitamin E supplements than vitamin C. Why is that? Is a multivitamin the answer? Are supplements a positive factor for a healthy lifestyle?

It seems that positive factors in your diet you should consider for a healthy lifestyle are a combination of colloidal minerals, multi vitamins and multi-antioxidants. Negative healthy lifestyle factors you should avoid are poisons, not only in your diet, but in your environment. Healthy Lifestyle Factors - toothpaste warningDid you know that children can die from eating fluoride toothpaste? Amazingly, a tube contains more than enough to kill a child and in the USA all packets of fluoride toothpaste have to carry a health warning by law. The National Research Council (USA) reports that fluoride also damages tooth enamel when used to excess, and swallowing only 3mg can cause damage to the intestinal wall in healthy adults. Between 1989 and 1994 over 628 people were treated at health care facilities after ingesting too much fluoride from their toothpaste. Research conducted in the 1990s from the US pharmaceutical company Sepracor also found that fluoride may  accelerate the process of chronic, destructive periodontitis. Likewise, shampoos, shower gels, sunscreen, etc usually contain poisons. The skin is a good conductor of chemicals, which is why medical patches work, so by rubbing these things on our skin we are absorbing any poisonous ingredients.

Healthy Lifestyle Factors - exerciseExercise is a positive lifestyle factor, yet it needn’t be extreme. Simply using the stairs instead of a lift, or walking to local shops instead of driving may well be enough. Driving to an out-of-town supermarket? Park as far away as possible from the entrance.

Why is it that some people can live an apparently unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, drinking, and getting little exercise, yet stay fit? What factors in their lifestyle keeps them healthy?  Smoking does not give them cancer, so there must be something else at work. What do vitamins, minerals and antioxidants do? What causes cancer and can we avoid it? Why don’t diets seem to work? This website is an attempt to discover just what factors are needed for a healthy lifestyle and to answer many of the questions that arise from this.

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